Wednesday, May 24, 2006

'Cardinal Fan Close to Czechtown' Urges Cub Fans To Stay Away from Wrigley Field. Newspaper Readers Find Out That Pole Dancing Is 'Sexy amd Slimming'

"Cardinal Fan Living Close To Czechtown" -- not his real name -- agrees with me that it's a bad thing for the Tribune Co. to own the Chicago Cubs.

Here's his e-mail:


"This is what happens when a ballclub and newspaper are owned by the same company. The Cubs are a sad franchise. Sometimes I think the only way to correct their miseries is for the fans to stay away from Wrigley Field. As long as they keep filling Wrigley the Cubs can play like shit and get away with it. Hell, they can't even beat the inept Marlins . . ."

Cardinal Fan Living Close To Czechtown

[RON MALY'S COMMENTS: I wrote yesterday that the Chicago Sun-Times carried a column item about Cub executives Andy MacPhail and Jim Hendry giving Chicago Tribune sportswriters Dan McGrath and Paul Sullivan a "profanity-laced tongue-lashing" because they had written negatively about what has become a horrible Cubs team. The Cubs are owned by the Tribune Co., but for MacPhail and Hendry to expect favorable stories out of McGrath and Sullivan is asinine -- especially when they have to deal with an idiot like Dusty Baker].

* * *

Speaking of the Cubs, it's good to know that they showed enough interest in Tim Gudex, a University of Iowa relief pitcher, to sign him to a free agent contract.

The fact that Gudex, a 6-foot, 170-pounder [pictured signing his Cubs contract], played for a Hawkeye team with records of 23-33 overall and 12-20 in the Big Ten makes it even a more unusual [should I call it stupid?] signing.

Of the signing, the Iowa City Press-Citizen wrote:

"A major league baseball rule allows fifth-year seniors to sign with professional teams prior to the June 6-7 draft. Though his statistics had been sparkling throughout the past season, Gudex was uncertain of his place in the draft. He said he heard his chances of getting drafted were iffy and there was no guarantee he would have free-agent opportunities, so Gudex jumped at the chance with the Cubs.

"'They gave me a great opportunity, gave me something I couldn't hold out on," said Gudex, who declined to specify how lucrative of a deal he received. 'I didn't really want to get caught with my pants down. I figured this was a good opportunity and I better take it.'"

Poor choice of words by Gudex, if you ask me.

It just so happens that the University of Iowa has started what the Press-Citizen called "an investigation after receiving a photograph that shows possible 'inappropriate activity' by Hawkeyhe baseball players.

"Two pictures from the website were the Iowa City Press-Citizen. The photos showed some college-age men standing naked with hats over their genitals....."

[RON MALY'S COMMENT: Now that's really getting caught with your pants down].

* * *

Jane Norman's story on the front page of the Metro & Iowa section of today's Des Moines Register got my attention.

Nor because of the subject matter.

Not because it was written with any style.

But because Norman [upper right] wrote it and Senator Tom Harkin [upper left] was pictured.

I recalled that Bud Appleby sent me a note last December after another Norman story about Harkin was in the paper.

In his e-mail to me then, Appleby wrote:

"Here's a note I got from someone at the Register:

"'You mean you didn't know that the Washington Bureau's primary duty is to be Harkin's personal flack? It has been that way for years. Especially Jane Norman. Every time Harkin takes a shit, Norman is there to record the color.'"

* * *

I don't read much of what's in "Mid-Iowa mind & body" -- a supplement in the Register -- but I noticed a headline on today's cover.

It said, "Pole dancing.....Sexy and slimming."

Well, it's a lot more body and a lot less mind.

Call something "sexy" and editors think that'll get a lot of attention.

But pole dancing?

Come on!

I thought pole dancing was something TV viewers see only at 2 a.m. on cable TV.

Being done by strippers.

Then, the well-put-together girls move to lap dancing after the pole dancing.

So now you're telling me that pole dancing [pictured] is moving to the corner gym, and being performed by 45-year-old housewives?

As I say about a lot of things these days, "You gotta be kidding!"

* * *

Drake senior forward Ajay Calvin has been selected to play on a 10-member Athletes In Action team which will play six games against professional teams in France Aug. 10-15.

Calvin is the Bulldogs' top returning scorer from last year's squad after averaging 10.2 points. He led the team with a 5.3 rebounding average.

"Our staff is excited for Ajay," said Drake coach Tom Davis. "His upcoming trip with Athletes in Action is a great opportunity for him. The experience of traveling abroad, playing with players from other collegiate programs and against the competition that he will face in France will prove to be invaluable.

"Ajay Calvin has the potential to be a terrific player. His quickness and overall athleticism are very good and his shooting touch gives him good offensive capability. He will be considered among the best frontline players in the Missouri Valley Conference this year."