Sunday, December 04, 2005

Grandpa Goes Christmas Shopping, So Nathan Fills In At the Computer--Everyone Expects Iowa, ISU To Win Their Bowl Games [Hey, We're Homers!]

This is Nathan Maly. Ron is my grandpa, and you might remember that I substituted for him as a column writer a while back.

I got some fan mail, and Grandpa noticed. He decided to take most of today to do some Christmas shopping, so I'm filling in for him again.

However, Grandpa did have time to make his bowl predictions, and his six grandchildren did the same thing. They kept the phone lines burning all evening.

The bowl people, of course, surprised all of us and sent Iowa to the Outback Bowl instead of the Alamo Bowl The Hawkeyes will be playing Florida and not Nebraska, but we won't hold that against them. The bowl people, I mean.

Actually, a few of us [not Cole and Claire because their mom and dad have degrees from Nebraska] were hoping Iowa could play the Huskers and hit 'em with about 700 yards of offense and win the game, 95-7.

As expected, Iowa State will be playing Texas Christian in the Houston Bowl. We all think Dan McCarney and the guys have a chance to win if the game doesn't go into overtime.

[Hey, cool it, Cyclone fans. That's supposed to be a joke!]

Anyway, here are our bowl picks [warning, we're homers!]


Nathan -- Iowa State 35, Texas Christian 31 [Big game by Bret Meyer]
Megan -- Iowa State 28, Texas Christian 27 [4 TD catches by Todd Blythe]
Jerika -- Iowa State 30, Texas Christian 29 [safety at :11 is decisive]
Shelby -- Iowa State 7, Texas Christian 3 [offenses sputter]
Cole -- Iowa State 56, Texas Christian 55 [late TCU fumble is costly]
Claire -- Iowa State 20, Texas Christian 0 [love that "D"]
Grandpa -- Iowa State 33, Texas Christian 31 [Cyclones score with :02 to play]


Nathan -- Iowa 34, Florida 33 [last-second TD pass by Drew Tate]
Megan -- Iowa 50, Florida 40 [defenses take the day off]
Jerika -- Iowa 39, Florida 30 [390 rushing yards by the Hawkeyes]
Shelby -- Iowa 16, Florida 10 [there's that "D" again]
Cole -- Iowa 28, Florida 21 [30,000 Hawkeye fans decide it]
Claire -- Iowa 38, Florida 37 [3 overtimes]
Grandpa -- Iowa 35, Florida 32 [Hawkeyes block last-second, 45-yard FG try]


Nathan -- Southern California 52, Texas 51 [Carroll outcoaches Brown]
Megan -- Texas 35, Southern California 28 [Brown outcoaches Carroll]
Jerika -- Southern California 66, Texas 65 [Reggie Bush runs for 500 yards]
Shelby -- Texas 65, Southern California 58 [6 touchdowns by Vince Young]
Cole -- Southern California 55, Texas 52 [3 overtimes]
Claire -- Texas 60, Texas 59 [55-yard FG with :01 left wins it]
Grandpa -- Southern California 42, Texas 40 [Leinart turns out the lights]